The Meeting of the Spirits

Valentine's day 1979, the original trio (Larry Coryell, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia) performed one of the most memorable concerts ever at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This unprecedented meeting of guitar virtuosos from very different musical backgrounds came together as one of the ultimate improvisational studies in history, second only to Miles Davis's Bitches Brew. The DVD of this concert "The Meeting of the Spirits" is available from Netflicks.

Start Learning to Improvise Today!

The Mericle Mode Chart will help all guitarists learn to improvise and hear different modes faster and easier than any other method even if you are just beginning to learn to play the guitar

As soon as you have the Mericle Mode Chart in front of you and some rhythm guitar to play along with, you can begin to learn to improvise. The more you practice any mode the less you have to think about your finger position. Soon your mind will be directly connected to the notes you want to play without having to think about hand position.


  • The difference between a Major 7th and a Dominant 7th.
  • How the modes are built on the degrees of the scale.
  • The scale degrees.
  • What mode to play when.
  • The 12 Bar Blues and the Blues mode.
  • Pentatonic Minor: the preferred mode of famous rock stars such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Ed Van Halen.
  • The difference between a Major 3rd and a Minor 3rd.
  • The Guidetones.

The fastest way possible to connect your
brain to your fingers is to practice modes.

30 Modes both root 6/4 and root 5/3

Some but not all of the Modes covered:

  • Major Ionian 7th
  • Pentatonic both Major and Minor
  • Blues
  • Lydian and Lydian Augmented
  • Bebop Dominant, Minor and added 5th
  • Mixolydian / Dominant 7th
  • Dorian Minor
  • Half Diminished Locrian / Diminished
  • Phyrgian
  • Harmonic Major and Minor
  • Whole Tone Diminished Whole Tone
  • Pure Minor Aeolian
  • Melodic Minor Ascending
  • Hindu
  • Spanish Scale
  • Augmented
  • Phyrgian Pentatonic Arabian

Unsolicited Endorsement

I write to thank you for the shipment of lessons on improvisation. I have reviewed the lessons and they have been very useful for me. I have been dedicated to classical guitar for a long time, so it is difficult for me to break my routines and to put in practice the resources that I am learning, nevertheless, I consider them very important. A thousand thanks for the effort that you have made and thanks to Internet so I can take advantage of it.

With affection,
Juan Reyas
Founder Intermezzo School of Guitar
Aquascalientes, Mexico

No need to read music

Utilizing the Mericle Mode Chart eliminates the need to be able to read music. All you have to do is simply pick a starting note on the fret board of your guitar and follow the fret relationship demonstrated on the chart. Record some chords to play against or get some of the already recorded play sets. (Jamey Abersold has some great play-along cds.) Or, if you have a guitar friend have him or her play rhythm as you play lead.

Learn How to "THINK" on the guitar with your fingers!

Great for all guitar styles

I have studied Flamenco since 1962 and have played many different pieces. However, I could never really "sit-in" with other musicians. I developed technical capability but never really understood how to "improvise" until I started playing "modes" that my son's rock guitar teacher had him playing. The Mericle Mode Chart has modes for all guitar styles from Major Ionian to Pentatonic Minor (often used by many rock musicians) to Bebop and Whole tone modes, often used by jazz musicians.

Music is Math

The relationships of any group of notes is fixed in the mathematics of frequencies of the various notes that we find pleasing to our ears. This in essence is the diatonic scale we are all used to hearing. These relationships on the guitar are maintained for us by the freeboard with fret wire that acts as a guide for finger placement. By practicing these relationships often one begins to be able to "think" a note or sequence of notes, not the finger or hand position that plays the notes. This is the real key to good improvisation.

30 Modes All On One Page

There are 30 modes all displayed on one page. You can start with the more common and easier modes to play such as major, dominant 7th, minor 7th or even the blues. As you become adept at the simpler modes you can work further down the chart and hear some of the more complex modes such as the whole tone or bebop scales. Also includes all the modes played by rock guitarists such as pentatonic minor, major and dominant 7th.

Learn How to "Sit-in" with any group playing any music

Get the Mericle Ultimate Mode Chart and Improvising from Modes Volume III for $17. This is less than the cost of a half-hour guitar lesson.

  • The cost of your average half-hour guitar lesson is $20.
  • The Lesson That Keeps on Teaching. The Mericle Ultimate Mode Chart.
  • Your average half-hour guitar lesson lasts for only ... one half-hour(only 30 minutes).
  • You could spend a lifetime trying to master all the modes on the Mericle Ultimate Mode Chart.

You get 30 different Modes logically organized into four different groups all on one sheet root 6/4 and another sheet with root 5/3. An Amazing Amount of Musical Information for Only $17 and ...

"Improvising from Modes" Volume III

A 34 Page e-book that covers the basics of improvising in eight of the most commonly utilized modes.

  • Lesson 1: Major 7th -Ionian.
  • Lesson 2: The IV chord -Lydian.
  • Lesson 3: The V chord -Mixolydian.
  • Lesson 4: The Relative Minor -Aeolian.
  • Lesson 5: The II-V7-I Progression -Dorian Minor
  • Lesson 6: The Blues.
  • Lesson 7: The Pentatonics -Major and Minor.
  • Lesson 8: Flamenco Phrygian

This is at least 8 hours of instruction that would easily cost $320.

  • The Mericle "Ultimate" Mode Chart and the free instructions are at least the equivalent of eight one hour guitar lessons that would cost at least $320.
  • The Mericle "Ultimate" Mode Chart will stay with you for life providing many hours of interesting improvising.
  • Learn in the comfort of your home or studio without having to pack up your instrument to travel to a lesson.
  • Learn anytime, night or day.

Features of the Mericle Mode Chart

  • All modes are at least two octaves
  • Modes are divided into four categories
  • Increased dissonance as you work down the chart
  • Both root 6/4 and root 5/3
  • Can be played in all keys
  • Rapid sure fire way to become adept at improvisation

60 Day Free Trial

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Seldom, if ever, will you see this much "musical" information for this little money.

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Thanks for your attention and happy guitar playing.
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